AC90 to Pinnacle -Step by Step import Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCHD files to Pinnacle Studio 14/15/16 

If you want to get an easy way to fix the issues of importing/editing Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCHD footage in Pinnacle Studio smoothly, just get the best MTS/M2TS to Pinnacle Converter here! 

Q:Audio doesn't import in Pinnacle Studio? 
"When i import files from the AC90 in Pinnacle Studio 17, it only imports video. There is no audio. It works OK in Final cut pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X, the problem is only in Pinnacle Studio. Is this a known Pinnacle Studio's bug? Any solution? " 

The AVCHD format records at a color sample ratio of 4:2:0[MH2]from Panasonic AG-AC90 - nice for high quality chromakey work, but not work for Pinnacle. Actually, Pinnacle Studio 14/15/16 have add the AVCHD .mts formats as the input video, but v14 did not handle large AVCHD videos with great stability, and v15/16 just a little better. Plus, there are so many limits you are facing like the System Requirements: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 gHz or higher required for 1920×1080 AVCHD editing, 2GB system memory required for AVCHD and more. So if you want to edit Panasonic AC90 AVCHD files in Pinnacle Studio, you will need to transcode the AVCHD .mts files to Pinnacle Studio supported format, like AVI. For this purpose, this article will show you how to transcode AG-AC90 AVCHD Footage to AVI for Pinnacle Studio in detail. 


Tricks for Editing Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCHD files in Pinnacle Studio Smoothly 

The quick workaround is to use the easy-to-use yet professional app Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter. It's free, clean and sate to install and use. With it, you can effortlessly encode/re-encode AVCHD footage shot by Canon, JVC, Sony, Panasonic etc. cameras for smoothly importing and editing in various non-linear editing systems (NLE), including Pinnacle Studio 14/15/16/Ultimate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Avid Studio, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Windows Movie Maker and more. If you're using a Mac, please turn to its equivalent Mac version - MTS/M2TS Converter Mac, which can help you solve the AVCHD and Mac incompatibility. 

Step 1: Load AVCHD footage to the program 

Download, install and run the MTS to Pinnacle Converter, click "Add Videos" icon to load your source AVCHD videos from Panasonic AG-AC90. 


Step 2: Choose output format for Pinnacle Studio 

Click "Format" bar to determine output format. Here we choose "HD Video" -> "AVI HD Video (*.avi)" as output, which seems to be the best one due to the great video quality but small size. Of course, MPG, MP4, WMV are also the proper formats for Pinnacle. 


Step 3: Adjust video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc. 

Click "Settings" button if you'd like to customize advanced audio and video parameters like Video Codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sample rate, audio channels. Notice that you can not "convert up" video quality. If you selected HD Video in Step 2, we advise you to adjust the A/V parameters to be the same with source MTS footage so as to bear least quality loss at proper file size. To cut down file size, you may set down video bit rate, the lower bit rate you set the smaller file size you get. Do not forget to click "OK" to confirm your settings. Then type in a desired output location in the "Output" box. 


Step 4: Start converting AVCHD to Pinnacle Studio 

Click the convert button under the preview window, the MTS converter will start converting Panasonic AC90 AVCHD for importing to Pinnacle Studio. Soon after the conversion is finished, just click "Open" button to get the generated files for edit in Pinnacle Studio perfectly. 

As for other AVCHD camcorders, because no research has no right to speak, I can say nearly nothing about them. I’m not sure whether they have certain plug-ins or utilities like Sony's HDD Handycam Utility, or something else to help them import MTS files to Pinnacle Studio. If not, may use Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter to do previous conversion work still be an available way? Of course, if you have the latest version of Pinnacle Studio or have your better way to solve this problem, just let my words go, or you can share your ideas to me as well. 

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